Wednesday, 23 July 2014

We listened to it twice cause the DJ was asleep

I've been pairing my mint dress with different colours to see what works and thought my pink floral tee made a good match for it. I'm also glad that both of the materials are quite thin since we've been having a heatwave here. I've mostly been hiding from the sun and still watching OITNB.

Also, it looks like I'll definitely be going to Hong Kong this time next month to study abroad for the year! I'm nervous and excited and still in a state of not quite believing it's going to happen. I'll be blogging about my adventures there so I'll try not to study too much or melt from the heat and humidity.

Lyrics in title from Regina Spektor's 'On The Radio'.


  1. this outfit is very sweet & feminine. and get ready for the extreme humidity and heat! hahaha. this afternoon was so hot & humid, i felt like i was suffocating & combusting though my destination was only 5min walk from the mtr station. my hair is a constant hot mess in summer due to the high humidity. arghhhh... but on the bright side, u are definitely going to enjoy the shopping and food in hk :D


    1. Thank you! I hope I can survive the weather! I am definitely looking forward to the food and shopping though :)

  2. Love the colors <3

    Saw a lot of these being sold in a-not-so affordable price. Glad you made a tutorial vid, this would be helpful ~ *u*

    Lou of,